Sostenibilità ed eco-giustizia come nuovo paradigma politico-culturale

di Francesca Cubeddu e Emiliana Mangone

Abstract: the relationship between the social and environmental dimensions is not always immediately perceptible and/or describable. Very often the social, cultural and political aspects are neglected in comparison to the economic effects. Studies, starting in the 1960s, show the importance of changing for the future the anthropocentric cultural model to an eco-centric vision of sustainable development, a change that is intended to be cultural and political. Analysing these aspects, the work intends to observe, after an initial introductory part of a cultural analysis of sustainable development and the sustainability debate, action plans and policies oriented towards adopting sustainability education pathways to be understood as actions aiming at a political and cultural paradigm shift.

Keywords: Sustainability – Culture – Education – Politics – Eco-justice


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