Essere-in-co-mune. Coordinate per il giuridico nell’ontologia politica di Jean-Luc Nancy

di Ishvarananda Cucco

Abstract: this paper focuses on the main concept in Jean-Luc Nancy’s philosophy: being-in-common. Starting from the evidence that Nancy’s ontology, mainly focused on political, has left the juridical side of the in-common, the purpose is to draw the lines of the deep – and juridically significant – structures of the coexistence relationship that rule every kind of human community. The method adopted consists in deepening and developing, privileging a semantic-theoretical analysis, the conceptual resources inside the notion of being-in-common, using for this aim also philosophical approaches that have been able to transpose and elaborate theoretically the empirical evidence on community detected by the «anthropology of gift».

Keywords: Jean-Luc Nancy – ontology – community – gift – anthropology – philosophy of law


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