Letteratura, antropologia, filosofia del diritto e della politica. Breve itinerario fra i contenuti di un saggio dimenticato di Claude Lévi-Strauss

di Ishvarananda Cucco

Abstract: this article aims to draw an analytical scheme with which to read, and access to its different levels of content, the Lévi-Straussian essay of 1943, translated into Italian, «Guerra e commercio fra gli Indiani dell’America del Sud». The proposed attempt consists in separate into three different levels, each with a different and increasing theoretical complexity, the study with which Claude Lévi-Strauss examines the specular and opposite relationship between War and Trade in the life of the Indigenous of Brazil. The work conducted here consists in disambiguating the stylistic-literary plan, the properly anthropological plan and the philosophical plan of the Lévi-Straussian essay in a path that seeks to highlight the centrality of the phenomenon of Exchange as empirically observable fact that attests to the ontological relationality of the human subject.

Keywords: Lévi-Strauss – structuralism – international relations – war – trade – law – liberalism

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