Una lotta per l’autenticità: la riscoperta fenomenologica dell’europa come via husserliana di uscita dalla crisi dei valori

di Valentina Missaglia

Abstract: the crisis of Europe as possibility of rediscovering the authenticity of the West is Husserl’s response to the social and political urgent needs of the first post-war. In a cultural context characterized by historicist and pragmatistic drifting, it is important to restare the absolute news introduced by the Western theorein. Thanks to this, a new historicism is born and an unprecedent humanity arises, which will be destinated to guide the rest of civilisations on earth. The revolutionary act of the philosophical epochè opens the possibility of comparisons and of the free variations of the forms invoking Europe to become a community animated by the infinite research of the universal truth. In this way, in the free and sincere accomplishment of the critical exercise, the intellectual can become a «humanity officer» by giving the contribution to overcome the ingenuites that pervade the modern politics.
Keywords: European Crisis – Universal values – Multiculturalism – Historicism – Crisis of the European Sciences.

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