Percezioni nucleari. Come il deposito unico ha riabilitato il discorso sul nucleare in Italia

di Rosa Tagliamonte

Abstract: on 5 January 2021 Sogin S.p.A. spread the map with the 67 areas potentially suitable for hosting the Nuclear Depot and the Technological Park, a research and training center in the field of nuclear dismantling, radioactive waste management and environmental protection. Sogin is the state company responsible for the dismantling of the four Italian nuclear power stations and for the safety of nuclear waste. The publication of map has raised many criticisms from the territories involved which by their regional representatives report the lack of confrontation with citizens and the impossibility of accepting governmental decisions with direct effects on health and the environment. However, for Italy there is the need to comply with the European directives on nuclear power. The goal is to offer a starting point for discussion on the state of dismantling of large quantities of nuclear waste and on the perception of civil nuclear risk in Italy.
Keywords: Nuclear – Nuclear Depot – National Map of Potentially Suitable Areas – Nuclear waste – Sogin

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