Il valore esperienziale del rapporto con l’altro. Un percorso tra postmodernità e fenomenologia

di Valentina Missaglia

Abstract: the postmodern phenomenon of moral indifference toward other persons is examined considering husserlian fact-value relation identified in his phenomenological studies. If moral invisibility is product of specific historical processes, started with galileian mathematization and with the related objectivism, is ever possible, thanking to a rigorous philosophical research, rediscover the fundamental relation between empiric characterization and its axiological meaning. Overturning scientist conception of «universal» and rediscovering this element as originally embedded in life world, is possible reconsider the «Other» experience as a totality axiologically qualified. Adiaforization is recognized as an inauthentic human phenomenon that is possible to respond through the evidence of an experience phenomenologically investigated.

Keywords: Postmodernity – moral indifference – objectivism intentionality – moral evidence

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