Il tirannicidio in età contemporanea. Percorsi politico-giuridici

di Aldo Andrea Cassi

Abstract: the paper proposes a historiographical reconstruction of the political-juridical arguments that justify tyrannicide in the contemporary age. After the late-Enlightenment and «romantic» approaches (§1), the essay retraces the key milestones of the itinerary from the anarchist matrices to the nationalistic claims of the nineteenth century (§§ 2-3) and to the complex dynamics of the «regicide» and dictatorship (§ 4) of the twentieth century, noting the tension between the political and legal dimensions in the approach to the question of the extreme phase of the ius resistendi (§ 5). Finally, is proposed a look at a recent past which questions the present day in a methodological key (§1).

Keywords: Tyrannicide – ius resistendi/jus resistentiae – anarchist movement – political murder – terrorist act

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