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Leggi naturali dell’organizzazione, diritto implicito e interazione sociale: l’indispensabile per un corretto inquadramento della proposta di Fuller

di Andrea Porciello*


Still today, Fuller is mostly known as a kind of natural lawyer who lost the debate against Hart, or other times, as the theorist who proposed the naïve idea of “Inner Morality of Law”. In this article I want to emphasize that Fuller is much more than that. Reading Fuller by taking into account the conceptual premises he had already offered in his early works means to give a new perspective to his proposal. Without this conceptual framework (Organization Natural Laws, Implicit Law, Social interaction) it seems impossible to grasp the real meaning of his philosophical message.

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*Andrea Porciello, Professore ordinario di Filosofia del diritto IUS/20, Università Magna Graecia di Catanzaro. Email: andreaporciello@unicz.it

Nichilismo giuridico? Una sfida al diritto

Nichilismo giuridico? Una sfida al diritto*


di Vittorio Possenti**

The paper reflects on the phenomenon of legal nihilism and its consequences on the law. According the author, legal nihilism is considered an important expression of European nihilism which undermines the specific nature of law, turning it towards «the will of the strongest» and breaking down its links with reason and justice. Opposing this perspective, this article tries to support the idea that the concepts of human nature, person and reason are the true sources of law.

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