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Pseudomorfosi politiche: O. Spengler e G. P. Fedotov

di Vladimir A. Ščučenko

The article compares the views of O. Spengler and G.P. Fedotova on the concept of pseudomorphosis. Particular attention is paid to the socio-political implications of the concept of pseudomorphosis in G.P. Fedotov in the post-Soviet foreign period of his work. It is shown that in contrast to O. Spengler G.P. Fedotov subtly analyzes the dialectics of political shaping in a changing political system. The relevance of the theoretical conclusions of G.P. Fedotov in a situation of modern political transformation in Russia. The hot debates around the concept of pseudomorphosis in the context of the political transformation of Russia in recent decades are analyzed.

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*Vladimir A. Ščučenko, Doctor of Philosophy. Email: vladalex40@mail.ru

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